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From July 3rd-7th, 2023 

Join us for a Series of Masterclasses, Wisdom Transmissions, Embodiment Workshops, & Heart Offerings...

And learn how you can live a life of Pleasure, Prosperity, & Purpose while aligned with your Unique Soul Gifts!

During The Feminine Leadership Summit

You Will Receive...

  • ​​5 Days of High-Touch Training & Transmissions with Lillian Love & Bobbie B. Rose
  • ​Daily Abundance Activations with 7-figure Biz Woman Rose Wilder
  • ​Daily Q&A and Hot Seat Coaching with Lillian Love, Bobbie B. Rose, & Rose Wilder
  • ​Daily Masterclasses with our Rising Femme Leaders
  • ​5 potent Keys to unlock your Soul Purpose and BLOOM into your Feminine Leadership
  • ​New connections with a Global Network of Soul-Aligned Sisters who are Committed to Serving through their Gifts!
  • ​And so much MORE!

Meet Your Co-Hosts:

Rose Wilder

Rose Wilder is a powerful abduction survivor and intuitively-led spiritual healer and entrepreneur who has dedicated her life to helping women discover their inner light. She has tapped into her deepest resiliency and positivity to become a much-needed maternal presence for women around the world.

 Rose has built several successful businesses, including a full-service day spa and healing center and the Inner Light Collective, a sacred space for women to embrace their gifts and shine their light.

Rose's previous accomplishments also include serving as a social service director for two counties and hosting high-level masterminds for six and seven-figure entrepreneurs in the Beauty & Entertainment industry to scale their businesses, build multiple streams of income, and formulate professional-grade skincare, spa, and spiritual products.

With over 20 years of experience as a Certified Master Life Coach, successful business owner, and intuitive spiritual healer, Rose's mission is to help women discover their inner light and provide them with the tools they need to embrace their gifts and shine their light in the world.

Lillian Love

Lillian Love is a Soul-Purpose & Feminine Empowerment Coach. Lillian is the CEO of Embodied Feminine Guide, a trauma-informed Facilitator Training for Women who are ready to embody and share the medicine of alchemizing their pain into purpose, self mastery and taking action in their soul aligned business.

 She is the co-creator of Cosmic Touch, a documentary Film exploring the transformational healing power of self-pleasure and is the Author of “Sexy Confidence: 7 days & 7 secrets to being the most confident you”. Lillian has run Retreats in Hawaii, the Hamptons, Bali, Amsterdam, Dubai, Ibiza, Mexico and Los Angeles.

10 years ago Lillian’s mother passed away after a lifetime of chronic illness and alcoholism. Lillian realized she was living with C-PTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) from unresolved childhood wounds and after a domestic violent experience became emotionally sober to the destructive path her life was heading down. She chose to immerse herself in every kind of healing modality she could find and committed to extensive training in Sri Vidya Tantra, Yoga, Somatic Therapy, Inner Aspecting Method, Breath-work and Inner Child Healing.

Bobbie B. Rose

Bobbie is a mind-body coach, nervous system regulation queen, and trauma-informed counsellor. She began a conscious healing & spiritual journey when she was a teenager to recover from C-PTSD, depression, anxiety, and the impacts of childhood abuse and sexual trauma. For the last 14 years, she has deep-dived into health, wellness, feminine healing arts, and spirituality. 

Bobbie has two degrees and extensive training in counseling, trauma healing, psychology, sociology, energy healing, priestessing arts, and complementary healing modalities. ​Bobbie believes in life-long learning & is always engaged in some kind of training or professional development!

Bobbie has also been featured in the Toronto Sun, CTV news, & Canadian radio news stations for her public speaking and advocacy work on self-care and youth mental health initiatives. Bobbie has shared her story from survival to thrival with thousands of people and has supported her community in raising over $100,000 for local youth social services.

Bobbie is deeply devoted to weaving a new legacy of love on the planet and desires nothing more than to support you in doing the same.

Meet Your Rising Feminine Leaders:

Discover your Unique Creative Essence - 3 Keys to Move Past Comparison and Perfectionism into Liberated Authentic Expression

– Myriam EYDO - Artist, Medicine Musician, and Creative Empowerment Coach

Stop Eating Your Emotions! 3 Keys to Transform your Relationship with Food: From Shame to Liberated Self-Love

– Jamie Lynn Fries, Mind Body Eating Coach, Retreat Chef, & Foodie

Wilderness Within ~ Learn to live from your heart through wilderness immersion

– Abilene Rose, Elemental Embodiment Guide

Bringing Nature Home: 3 Keys to Harmonizing with Nature in Our Home and Outdoor Living Spaces

– Rhonda Bulwer,
Artist & owner of Clearscape Landscaping Company

Ascensional Embodiment ~ 3 Keys to Embody the Shift to the New Earth from Within!

– Auranya Zamadhi Devasya ~ Ascensional Guide & Alchemist, Purification Priestess, & Visionary New Earth Creatrix

Honoring Menstruation as Preparation for Post Partum 

– Malea Morris, Doula 

Self Intimacy for Soul Liberation: One simple tool to get out of your head and into your heart

– Patricia Larkin, LMHC & Founder of Institute for Self Intimacy

3 Keys to Deepening Intimacy with Life so you can Reclaim Pleasure and Confidently Embody your Highest Expression

– Lindsay Gordon, Feminine Earth-Based Embodiment Guide

Are You Ready to Receive the Inspiration, Nurturance, & Support you need to step into your Soul Purpose & Create lasting Change in your Life so you can Confidently BLOOM into your Feminine Leadership!?

It's time to unleash your Feminine Brilliance, embrace Transformation, and Create Impactful Change!

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